Linda Kanefield, PH.D

Member of Advisory Committee, Surrogacy America

For over twenty years, Dr. Linda Kanefield has evaluated and counseled those working with issues related to assisted reproduction, pregnancy, and loss. This multi-decade experience, combined with her inherent compassion and dedication to patients makes Dr. Kanefield a respected and valued member of Surrogacy America’s Advisory Committee.  Dr. Kanefield has evaluated scores of women of the course of her career who are interested in perusing surrogate motherhood (gestational carrier) and egg donation (ovum donor, donor oocyte).

She has had teaching and clinical appointments at the Washington School of Psychiatry, the George Washington University School of Professional Psychology, the American University Center for Psychological Services, the George Washington University School of Medicine, the Clinical Social Work Institute, and the Georgetown University Counseling Center.  In addition to her teaching appointments, she has published a multitude of articles on the psychotherapeutic process, surrogacy, female development, and balancing work and family.

Dr. Kanefield graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, received her doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and completed her internship at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital. Coupled with her work for Surrogacy America, Dr. Kanefield maintains a private practice in consultation and evaluation, psychotherapy, and psychoanalysis in Chevy Chase, Maryland.