About Our Center

Welcome to Surrogacy America, a leading international center for surrogacy. Our mission is to fulfill the dreams of prospective parents around the world by bringing them together with extraordinary surrogate mothers. Surrogacy America was founded by renowned fertility expert Dr. Pierre Asmar, who oversees the operation of our surrogacy program. Together with our staff of experienced and caring professionals, Surrogacy America is dedicated to helping people from all parts of the globe build their families through our world-class 3rd-party reproductive services.

Surrogacy America serves and supports prospective parents and surrogates from all around the United States, as well as those located overseas. Our convenient location allows us easy access to outstanding legal, medical, translation, transportation, and other vital resources needed in order to effectively provide national and international surrogacy services.

With a multitude of travel options available and the various partnerships we have with fertility centers all across the globe, Surrogacy America is able to fulfill the dreams of intended parents no matter where they are located.

  • Supporting the LGBT Community
    Surrogacy America believes every person has the right to experience the joy and happiness that comes with creating a family, regardless of their sexual orientation or marital status. Every potential parent is special and we do not make any distinctions between straight or gay parents. We connect parents-to-be from the LGBT community to gestational surrogates and foster a positive and supportive environment for them as they walk down the road to parenthood. We are proud to offer the highest level of service possible to LGBT parents as we guide them in this important step of their incredible journey.

  • Unparalleled Support for Surrogates
    Surrogacy America is grateful for the help gestational surrogates provide to hopeful parents as they begin to build their families. During your time as a surrogate, you will be given the full support of our team as we take you step-by-step through the surrogacy process. We understand and appreciate the time and effort you commit to making a would-be parent’s dream come true. As a result, we offer one of the most competitive compensation packages available. Surrogacy America will work with you to make sure your time as a surrogate mother is one of the most memorable and most rewarding experiences of your life.

  • The Road to Parenthood
    The road to parenthood poses many challenges but they can all be overcome with help from Surrogacy America. Our 3rd-party reproductive services have assisted prospective parents, from all walks of life and from many parts of the world, achieve their dream of bringing home a child. By offering a high caliber of care and service to all potential parents as they continue their journey to parenthood, we ensure that they will find the happiness they seek.

Please contact us and see for yourself why so many intended parents rave about working with us and why fertility doctors and fertility centers around the world trust our services and continually refer their patients us.