Surrogacy Fees & Costs

Please contact us with any questions about fees and costs. Our staff will be happy to provide you with any additional information required.

Surrogacy Program Fee $19,900
  • Advertising and locating prospective Surrogates
  • Presenting the Prospective Parents with possible Surrogate matches through an online database
  • Pre-screening process of prospective Surrogates
  • Interviewing prospective Surrogate over the phone
  • Providing the contact information of the chosen Surrogate to the Prospective Parents
  • Introducing the Prospective Parents and prospective surrogate via conference call
  • Arranging attorney consult and trust account management
  • Coordinating medical, psychological, and travel appointments of Surrogate
  • Supporting both the Prospective Parents and Surrogate through embryo transfer
We’re in this together!
Surrogacy America understands the financial concerns of our families. We offer a unique payment schedule that allows intended parents to pay 50% of the surrogacy program fee when a match is made, and the remaining 50% when the surrogate has been approved by your physician.

*Surrogacy America will continue to offer Prospective Parents surrogacy matching services for a period of up to three years at no additional Surrogacy America fee as long as the same Surrogate is selected.

Additional Fees & Costs

Our surrogate mothers are paid for their time and efforts. Below is a summary of surrogate mother costs, which includes basic surrogate compensation. Total cost may vary based on a number of factors, including whether or not a surrogate mother is experienced.

Surrogate Compensation:
Distributed in bi-weekly payments of $2,000 over the course of the pregnancy beginning with the confirmation of pregnancy via blood test
Experienced Surrogate Compensation:
Additional surrogate compensation for an experienced surrogate
Trust Account Management Fee: $1,000
Surrogate Attorney Fee: $1,000
Prospective Parents’ Attorney Fee: $1,200
Surrogate Psychological Evaluation: $1,500

Additional fees:

Completion of Medical Screening Tests: $2,000
Mock Cycle: $350
Embryo Transfer: $1,500
Maternity Clothing Allowance:
Paid after the First Trimester
Canceled Cycle: $350
Cesarean Section: $1,500
Invasive Procedures: $750 (chorionic villi sampling/CVS, cerclage, dilation and curettage, sonohysterogram/fluid sonogram, hysterosalpingogram, amniocentesis, abortion or selective reduction)
Multiple Pregnancy: $750
Bed Rest (per week, if doctor ordered): $1,000
Allowance for Miscellaneous Expenses (travel, meals, telephone charges, childcare for doctor/lab appointments, attending support groups, and non-prescription vitamins/supplements):
Distributed at $200 a month for 9 months
Loss of Reproductive Organs: $1,000 - $1,600

Not Included:

Associated Medical Costs
All costs associated with the IVF procedures including medical testing, screening, laboratory, medications, ultrasounds, doctor visits are additional. Please contact your fertility center for a complete listing of all medical costs.

Travel Expenses
Airfare for your surrogate mother and a traveling companion, hotel accommodations (shared room for surrogate mother and companion), ground transportation, and up to $100 per diem.

All fees subject to change without notice.