International Surrogacy Program

Welcoming Potential Parents from All Over the World

Surrogacy America is a premier international surrogacy agency that helps prospective parents from many countries all over the world. We assist them by addressing the special needs of each prospective parent’s home country. Our staff is able to achieve this by partnering with local legal contacts to create a comprehensive solution that ensures the safe return of you and your child after they are born.

We are proud to be able to guide international prospective parents and offer the support you need to make your journey to parenthood a positive and memorable one.

Why Do International Prospective Parents Choose Surrogacy America?

Increasingly, prospective parents from overseas have turned to surrogate agencies in the U.S. to help build their families. In many countries, surrogacy is severely restricted or even outright banned, forcing hopeful parents to find assistance in the United States. Many American states are surrogacy-friendly, offering prospective parents from our international program a higher degree of choice. Also, assisted reproductive technology (ART) is much more advanced which improves the safety of all parties involved and provides a greater chance of success. Overall, the U.S. offers a more supportive atmosphere to both prospective parents and surrogate mothers.

We understand making multiple trips to and from the U.S. can be arduous, time-consuming and expensive, which is why consultations can be done via Skype to make the surrogacy process easier and more manageable. After the surrogate mother has given birth and your child is safely in your hands.

Surrogacy America’s success with international parents has been based on paying careful attention to addressing each country’s special needs and legal requirements.

Let Our Staff Help you Start Your Journey

Each member of the Surrogacy America staff believes there is no greater joy than that of becoming a parent. With this as our foundation, we will help you achieve your dream of parenthood. Our staff is ready to assist you, and we look forward to meeting prospective parents from all corners of the globe.