Why Are Gestational Surrogates Needed?

Gestational surrogacy helps couples and individuals who are unable to carry a pregnancy by arranging for a woman to carry the baby on their behalf. Sometimes gestational surrogacy is confused with traditional surrogacy, when the biological mother of the child carries the baby to term. Surrogacy America matches couples and individuals with gestational surrogates. Our team is experienced in matching the prospective parents with the right surrogate for a wide variety of scenarios.

LGBT surrogacy
LGBT couples, particularly same-sex male couples, often require a gestational surrogate in order to build a biological family. Surrogacy plays a significant role in LGBT family building, one that continues to expand as both surrogacy laws and LGBT rights advance. Same-sex female couples can expect to use a sperm donor, but are likely able to carry the baby through one partner or the other by using IUI or IVF, depending on their situation. Same-sex male couples will need an egg donor, gestational surrogate, and IVF treatment.

Surrogacy due to infertility
In cases of infertility, there are a few different reasons why a gestational surrogate may be needed. Infertility which requires a surrogate may depend on the age of the female partner or for certain medical reasons such as endometriosis, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), premature menopause, decreased ovarian reserve, or reproductive issues related to cancer treatments. Learn more about how a woman’s egg quality and quantity relate to fertility through our partner, Egg Donor America.

Regardless of your need for a surrogate carrier, our team at Surrogacy America is prepared to help you find the best gestational surrogate for you and your partner. Using surrogacy to build your family may seem like an overwhelming process, and perhaps it was a decision made after a long journey of fertility treatment, but our team has the experience needed in order to keep this process as stress-free and straightforward as possible. Contact Surrogacy America to learn more about finding and matching with a gestational surrogate.

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