Where Do I Find a Surrogate Mother?

For prospective parents who have decided to use a surrogate to build a family, there are two routes you can take in order to find a surrogate: gestational surrogacy or traditional surrogacy. Before gestational surrogacy became the mainstream choice, future parents typically opted for traditional surrogacy, but with modern third-party reproduction, gestational surrogacy has become the preferred choice.

What is gestational surrogacy?
A gestational surrogate is a woman who will carry a pregnancy for a couple in need but who will not share a genetic link to the baby she is carrying. During gestational surrogacy, either the female partner’s eggs are used to create an embryo or donor eggs are used.

How can prospective parents find a surrogate mother?
Gestational surrogates are typically found with the help of an agency, such as Surrogacy America. There are many benefits of using an agency to find a surrogate. Surrogacy agencies offer an experienced team of professionals who are able to make ideal, harmonious matches between prospective parents and qualified surrogates who have undergone medical and psychological screening. Surrogacy America uses its surrogate mother database to find a match, which prospective parents can also access so they can search through pre-verified options.

What about traditional surrogacy?
Traditional surrogacy is when the surrogate is also the biological mother of the baby. Traditional surrogacy may still be used, but it has decreased in popularity as gestational surrogacy’s demand grew. For some couples, traditional surrogacy offers benefits that they prefer such as lower financial requirements due to the lack of an egg donor, or other medical reasons which reflect a lower overall cost.

Do couples know the surrogate mother?
In gestational surrogacy, the surrogate is generally unknown to the prospective parents prior to their search. In some cases, across traditional and gestational surrogacy, a close family member or friend can fill the role of a surrogate. Ultimately, who you choose to carry your child is up to you and your partner. For those who choose gestational surrogacy, the first step is to determine if you will work with an agency and to contact the agency so you can begin your search.

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