What Requirements Are Needed to Become Surrogate Mother?

We admire women who become surrogate mothers for couples who need help building their families. Surrogacy provides infertile and LGBT couples and individuals an opportunity they would not have otherwise – to have a child with whom they share a genetic link. Many of our gestational surrogates have reported that their surrogacy journeys were incredibly rewarding, providing long-lasting satisfaction in knowing they changed others’ lives for the better.

Before you become a surrogate
For those who are interested in becoming a surrogate, we understand that the process can be intense. Many women may find that they qualify for some of the broader surrogate requirements, such as age or willingness to take injected medications. However, there are some requirements that you may not expect, such as a history of uncomplicated pregnancies and deliveries or that you need to pass a background check. We invite you to learn more about becoming a surrogate if you meet these and the additional requirements below:

• Your BMI must be between 19 and 32.
• You must be between 21 and 40 years old.
• You must be in a stable living situation.
• You cannot smoke or be exposed to secondhand smoke.
• You agree to refrain from activities that are detrimental to the pregnancy.
• You must live in a “surrogacy-friendly” state.
• You must have a reliable form of transportation for medical appointments.

When you become a surrogate
After you are matched with intended parents and everyone has agreed to the surrogacy contract, your journey as a surrogate mother begins. While surrogacy is very admirable, it is also a sincere and serious commitment. You are offering to carry someone else’s child and bring a healthy baby into the world on their behalf.

Your responsibilities as a surrogate impact your own health as well as the health of the baby you are carrying, which is why Surrogacy America works so thoroughly to ensure that you are supported at every stage. If you have any questions about our surrogate mother requirements, please contact Surrogacy America.

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