Three Reasons to Choose Surrogacy America

Prospective parents and gestational surrogates choose Surrogacy America for many reasons – our experienced, compassionate staff, our supportive and open atmosphere, our commitment toward matches that result in healthy, happy surrogacy agreements, and more.

Some of the top reasons that former intended parents (IPs) and surrogates have reported to our team go beyond the day-to-day experience of working with Surrogacy America. Former IPs, particularly noting the aspects of our agency that led them to choose us, have pointed out a few features that are unique to Surrogacy America – and those aspects are why they first contacted us.

Proud supporter of the LGBT community
Gestational surrogacy plays a significant role in LGBT family building, and the Surrogacy America team is proud to play our part in helping LGBT families grow. For LGBT couples and individuals, particularly same-sex male couples, gestational surrogacy offers the opportunity to have a baby with your parental rights protected. We specialize in connecting LGBT couples with gestational surrogates and are experienced in meeting the special needs of the LGBT community.

International Surrogacy leader
International surrogacy can be a controversial topic, often making headlines that confuse and concern prospective parents across many countries. At Surrogacy America, we offer a comprehensive International Surrogacy Program through which international couples and individuals are matched with qualified gestational surrogates here in the United States. We are completely knowledgeable of the practical and legal requirements with which international intended parents will need to comply in order to have a child through surrogacy.

Partnered with a premier fertility center
Surrogacy America is partnered with Washington Fertility Center, founded by Dr. Pierre Asmar, who also founded our surrogacy agency. With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Asmar has made dreams come true for countless couples who once thought that parenthood was not possible. Many intended parents and gestational surrogates have chosen to utilize Washington Fertility Center’s fertility care, including in vitro fertilization ([IVF] and preimplantation genetic diagnosis ([PGD]. However, if you have already selected a different fertility clinic, Surrogacy America is also prepared to assist in making the necessary arrangements in order to have a successful agreement between all parties.

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