Surrogacy on the Rise? LGBT Families Seek Third-Party Reproduction Services

Using a gestational surrogate to build a family has slowly grown in popularity, particularly within the LGBT community. For same-sex male couples specifically, working with an egg donor and surrogate mother provides the opportunity to have a baby with whom one or both partners share a genetic connection. Surrogacy America is a proud LGBT ally, and we work with all couples and individuals regardless of their sexual orientation. Modern family building is ever-evolving, with new technologies and changing laws shaping the process for same-sex male couples year after year.

Same-sex male family building
Surrogacy America has partnered with Egg Donor America to help couples build their families, both in cases of infertility and gay family building. Egg donors are carefully screened, both medically and psychologically, to ensure that they understand their role in the donation process and are prepared for their donation cycle. Gestational surrogates are also screened once a match has been made with intended parents. The relationship with both the egg donor and surrogate before, during and after childbirth is agreed upon before a donor match is made and before the surrogacy cycle begins.

The Surrogacy America experience
The case managers at Surrogacy America understand that choosing third-party reproduction can feel overwhelming. Choosing an egg donor and surrogate mother, coordinating cycles and working with attorneys to craft a surrogacy agreement requires many decisions, but you are not without support. Your dedicated case manager is ready to assist or provide recommendations and resources through every step of your journey to parenthood.

As more LGBT couples turn to surrogacy, the process becomes increasingly normalized not just within the gay community, but across modern family building. As a team, we are proud to be just one part of this growth.

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If you are interested in using a gestational surrogate to building your family, please contact Surrogacy America today.

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