Surrogacy Controversy in the News? The Smart Way to Navigate a Surrogacy Contract

Controversial headlines about surrogacy can make any intended parent or prospective surrogate uneasy. Becoming a surrogate or choosing to use a surrogate to build your family are important decisions that should be reached after careful, thorough research.

At Surrogacy America, we encourage prospective parents and surrogates to take time to research the surrogacy process and consider what they should expect every step of the way. As a surrogacy agency, we work with gestational surrogates and prospective parents to find a match that will best fill the needs of both parties. Once a match is made, we can assist with the selection of a fertility clinic, if one is not already chosen, and refer both parties to separate attorneys to draft a surrogacy contract.

The surrogacy contract
Surrogacy contracts, also known as surrogacy agreements, are an essential part of working with an established and reputable agency. The contract lays out the agreed upon expectations, hopes, and goals of the surrogate mother and future parents. Use of a surrogacy contract works to prevent the issues that make controversial headlines. Contracts work within the surrogacy laws of each state and protect both parties’ interests.

This being said, being aware of your expectations, hopes and goals going into the contract is important. Some of the decisions both parties need to make include:

• How often will prospective parents and their surrogate be in contact during the pregnancy?
• Will prospective parents attend doctor’s appointments? If so, which and how often?
• What will the relationship between prospective parents and the surrogate be like after the baby is born?
• Will the surrogate have contact with the baby after she gives birth? If so, what type of contact?

These are just some of the decisions that will need to be made by both parties in a surrogacy agreement. Certain subjects can be more difficult to discuss, but honesty is essential. If you aren’t honest about your opinion, then the agreement may move forward unknowingly with an unhappy party.

If you have questions about surrogacy contracts or how to get in touch with an attorney that specializes in third-party reproduction, please contact Surrogacy America today.

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