Surrogacy America Launches to Provide International Gestational Carrier Services

Surrogacy America, a new center for surrogacy, has launched to provide world-class third party reproductive services for intended parents located in America and throughout the world. The center caters to a diverse range of prospective parents and surrogates, including traditional couples, single parents and members of the LGBT community. Surrogacy America launches with an extraordinarily dedicated team of fertility professionals, and a fast-growing roster of surrogate candidates.

Surrogacy America has partnered with top fertility centers and reproductive specialists to provide the best possible services for intended parents, regardless of their location. Their professional team acts as a single resource for prospective parents due to their significant experience with cycle coordination and management for remote clients. With close relationships and partnerships around the world, Surrogacy America’s staff can provide intended parents with a wide range of options for reproductive care and related support services.

Kara Aughinbaugh, the newly named Executive Director of Surrogacy America acknowledged the staff’s deep understanding of the gestational surrogacy process, “Surrogacy America knows that selecting a surrogate is a major decision in the patient’s journey. That is why we pride ourselves on building great relationships with our clients and provide excellent qualified surrogates for them to choose from.”

Surrogacy America’s staff is trained to provide unparalleled support for surrogates who participate in the program. The center ensures that each surrogate is given comprehensive assistance, step by step, as they take part in the wonderful journey to become a surrogate mother. As a result of the center’s appreciation for the extraordinary gift surrogates provide, Surrogacy America offers one of the most competitive compensation packages available today.

Dr. Pierre Asmar, a renowned fertility specialist, will lead the surrogacy program. As the founder of Surrogacy America, Egg Donor America, and the Washington Fertility Center, Dr. Asmar has thirty years of experience in the fertility field. He summed up the launch of Surrogacy America, “Our entire staff is eager to assist those on the road to parenthood and we are all delighted to be working with the admirable candidates that fill our surrogate roster. As a fertility specialist with over three decades of experience, I can say with certainty that our team at Surrogacy America is truly dedicated to building families for deserving intended parents.”

About Surrogacy America

Surrogacy America’s mission is to fulfill the dreams of prospective parents around the world by bringing them together with extraordinary surrogate mothers. The center’s location in Rockville, Maryland, just outside of our nation’s capital – Washington, D.C., allows for convenient access to exceptional legal, medical, translation, transportation, and other vital resources needed in order to effectively provide both national and international surrogacy services. Surrogacy America works with fertility centers all around the globe in order to help build the families of deserving prospective parents regardless of their location.

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