Surrogacy America Attended the Men Having Babies Conference in San Francisco

Surrogacy America proudly attended the January 10th Surrogacy Conference & Expo hosted by Men Having Babies and Our Family Coalition. Surrogacy America was a “Platinum Sponsor” of the event, and several of our staff members were in attendance, including Executive Directories Susan Ondr, Kara Aughinbaugh, and Megan Hall. Our agency is a strong supporter and ally of the LGBTQ community, and we were honored to attend an event that helped educate prospective parents about family building options.

The conference featured personal stories from panels of those who already have undergone the experience of using third-party reproduction services, like surrogacy and egg donation. Attendees were also able to participate in breakout sessions and private consultations during the event.

Organizations like Men Having Babies are a highly valuable resource for same-sex male couples who are ready to start a family, but are unsure of how to navigate the sometimes complex world of surrogacy. Men Having Babies holds monthly workshops in cities across the U.S., and helps connect prospective parents with the resources they need to begin the surrogacy process.

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