National Infertility Awareness (NIAW) Week Highlights a Need for Surrogacy

National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW) hosted by RESOLVE, the National Infertility Association kicks off on April 24. In honor of NIAW, Surrogacy America highlights the need for and value of third-party reproductive services like gestational surrogacy. Surrogacy is an essential part of family building for many couples and individuals, both from the LGBT community and those facing infertility. This year for NIAW, RESOLVE is launching the #StartAsking hashtag in order to raise awareness about infertility as a disease on social media.

Many infertile couples and individuals face questions from family and friends -- even from well-meaning people -- that can be tough to answer, especially when third-party reproduction is involved. What may be a simple question to one person can be hurtful to someone who needs to use a surrogate to have a baby. Questions that can seem straightforward but may be too personal to answer include:

• Why don’t you just adopt?
• How much will surrogacy cost?
• Why is your surrogate a stranger?
• How can you trust someone else to carry your baby?

These questions may come from a place of honest concern and curiosity, but from the point of view of someone who has struggled with infertility and is working with a qualified and screened gestational surrogate, they can be offensive.

Comments about how lucky someone is to not have kids, how much money they’ll save if they remain childless, or how much free time and extra sleep they’ll have without a baby are common among those outside of the infertility community. Even when said to be humorous, these sorts of comments do not consider the painful journey someone has embarked upon in order to conceive.

NIAW is an important time for anyone who is either working through fertility treatment or using third-party reproduction to have a baby. It is an opportunity to spread awareness and educate family and friends about modern family building, including the surrogacy process, how you have found or will find your surrogate with Surrogacy America, and any other questions that may come your way.

This year, the 27th National Infertility Awareness Week runs from April 24-30, 2016.

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