How to Know If You Are Emotionally Ready to Have a Child Through Surrogacy

At Surrogacy America, we realize that your decision to use a surrogate mother was made in part because you’ve already exhausted other options available to you for building your family. We recognize that when prospective parents come to us, they are usually emotionally taxed from previous attempts at conceiving. Because of this exhaustion, we take pride in being the helping hand that can walk couples and individuals through the surrogacy process from start to finish without any additional anxiety.

Our staff is sensitive to the challenges and stress that prospective parents are feeling when they come to our surrogacy agency for assistance. In our efforts to aid prospective parents, Surrogacy America has comprised a list of questions that should be discussed when the idea of using a surrogate is first approached. This way, all potential questions and concerns can be addressed before anyone begins the surrogacy process.

Here are a few questions that we recommend that couples and individuals discuss together or with other trusted individuals in order to really flesh out the emotional considerations of using a surrogate carrier to help you build your family:

1. Are you committed to ending infertility treatments and moving on to using a surrogate?

For many women, ending their infertility treatments can be the source of emotional pain in that they may feel as if they’ve “failed” at something or that if they choose to end treatment then its equivalent to “giving up”. It’s important to talk about how this decision effects you with others, your doctor included, in order to approach surrogacy with an open and enthusiastic state of mind. Often, women find that using a surrogate offers a fresh start and provides a great deal of relief from the pressure they once felt while undergoing treatments.

2. Are you and your partner in agreement on surrogacy?

Discussing how you both feel about using a surrogate is an essential part of preparing for what’s ahead. Sometimes, one partner may feel completely comfortable with the idea of surrogacy, but the other may have some reservations or unanswered questions. We encouraged all prospective parents to have frank, open discussions about their concerns. Our staff is available to help provide any resources you may need to address your questions; in fact, we encourage you to contact us so we can help simplify things for you and your partner.

3. Do you have a plan to explain surrogacy to others? To your child?

Regardless of whether or not the people in your life are aware of what led you to choose surrogacy in order to help build your family, it’s important that once the decision to use a surrogate is made that you and your parent have a plan in place to inform your family and friends of your decision – and also a long-term plan to use when it’s time to tell your child about how a surrogate was able to help complete your family.

If you and your partner have discussed these questions and you find that you are fully confident in your decision to use a surrogate carrier, please contact Surrogacy America to get started on your journey to parenthood.

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