Why Internationals Are Coming to the U.S. for Surrogacy

Although surrogacy is becoming more commonplace across the U.S., only a few other countries actually allow for paid surrogacy to take place. Aside from the U.S., countries such as India, Mexico and Thailand approve of paid surrogacy, but many others do not. This means that many couples and individuals who need the help of a surrogate carrier to build their families turn to U.S.-based agencies, such as Surrogacy America. Surrogacy America has an established, leading International Surrogacy Program that assists those who are unable to have a child without a surrogate – whether the couple is LGBT or is experiencing infertility issues.

Couples from Asia, Australia, Europe and more turn to the U.S. with high hopes that they will be able to start or grow their families because they cannot do so in their home countries. Many countries, Portugal for example, heavily restricts and even bans paid surrogacy. Because of this restriction on paid surrogacy in Portugal, Portuguese couples seeking the assistance of a surrogate mother must be willing to travel elsewhere to start or add to their family. On the other hand, in America, many states are surrogacy friendly and offer these couples the remarkable and life-changing opportunity of surrogacy that is denied to them at home.

In addition to the ability to have a baby with the help of a surrogate mother, many internationals come to America because the U.S. offers highly advanced, state-of-the-art assisted reproductive technology. At its best, assisted reproductive technology (ART) offers the high possibility of a successful outcome. Surrogacy America also offers international parents the deeply supportive atmosphere that is often absent in their home country.

Our staff fully understands that such an international trip requires a significant outlay of time, energy and financial resources. Because of this, we have designed our consultations so they may be held via Skype. We even assist international parents with documentation after their child is born so the trip home is as easy and stress-free as possible.

We encourage prospective international parents to contact Surrogacy America to learn more about our International Surrogacy Program.

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