International Surrogacy: Why the Controversy?

International surrogacy can refer to one of two situations: Either you are living in the U.S. and decide to enlist the help of a surrogate living in another country to build your family, or you live outside of the U.S. and are enlisting an American woman to be your gestational surrogate. At Surrogacy America, we assist couples in the latter situation through our International Surrogacy Program. We are an international surrogacy agency experienced in assisting couples to work with surrogates here in the U.S., including surrogate matching, navigating Skype consultations, legal concerns and more.

For couples who reside in America and choose to use an international gestational surrogate, the past year has provided numerous headlines with examples of how this particular route to parenthood can be controversial. Gestational surrogacy law varies from state to state in the U.S., so imagine for a moment just how much it can vary from country to country. In some countries, surrogacy is illegal. In others, surrogacy is only illegal if it is compensated. How these laws apply to internationals can further complicate matters. Additionally, for many countries in which American couples often seek a surrogate, the law may not be clearly defined – and this is where additional issues may arise.

There have been many cases where a couple and a surrogate living in a different country have had a surrogacy agreement that has gone smoothly for a period of time – until it didn’t. Couples and individuals have had to face difficult uphill legal battles in order to bring their baby back to their home country, sometimes having to wait for weeks or months for the local legal system to render a decision. It is this legal gray area that so many turn to as a cost-saving measure, but it can ultimately end up causing emotional and financial distress if a contract be disputed.

Use of international surrogacy in cases where surrogacy law is not clear should raise a red flag. Surrogacy fees may be less in these areas, but you and your partner need to weigh the potential risks involved. Surrogacy law may be complex, but with experienced (third-party reproduction) legal representation and an agency such as Surrogacy America on your side, the process can become simple and straightforward, without the risks so often associated with laws in other countries.

If you are an international couple or individual interested in working with an American gestational surrogate, we invite you to contact Surrogacy America and begin your journey to parenthood. For Americans in need of a gestational surrogate, our team will be happy to run through the surrogacy process, including our three new pricing options, with you.

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