How to Avoid Becoming Overwhelmed When Finding a Surrogate Mother

Finding the right gestational surrogate to help build your family is a critical first step in the surrogacy process. Many who choose this path to parenthood decide to work with a surrogacy agency, who helps them find the right woman to carry the pregnancy on behalf of the parent-to-be. This woman is not biologically related to the baby she will carry and give birth to.

Agencies like Surrogacy America have case managers that are dedicated to make navigating the world of third-party reproduction as easy as possible. They are available to answer questions and provide guidance on this journey to parenthood.

Getting started with gestational surrogacy
The first step on the prospective parent end of the process is to carefully review your agency’s website to ensure that you understand their services, fee schedule and common FAQs. The next step, should prospective patients choose to work with Surrogacy America, involves a consultation with one of our experienced case managers to answer or address any questions and concerns you may have. If you decide to move forward with the surrogacy process, you will be assigned a case manager who will assist you moving forward.

Finding a surrogate mother
Prospective parents can choose a gestational surrogate from our database. Our surrogate roster includes a number of extraordinary women who are waiting to be matched with deserving future parents. Your criteria for a surrogate mother is ultimately up to you, but our case managers can recommend easy ways to narrow your search by helping to define your priorities.

Once you select a surrogate that you would like to work with, your case manager will facilitate a conference call between all parties to ensure that a match is agreeable. Once a match is made, medical pre-screenings can be scheduled and legal assets can begin to move forward.

Helpful resources for prospective parents
The Surrogacy America blog has an entire section dedicated to topics relating to finding a surrogate mother. You can search for information regarding surrogacy costs, surrogacy law, common questions and concerns about the surrogacy process, the emotional journey to surrogacy and more.

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