How Much Will It Cost to Use a Gestational Surrogate?

The great benefit of third-party reproductive services like surrogacy, egg and sperm donation is that they offer an opportunity for infertile and LGBT couples and individuals to either share a genetic link with their child or carry a pregnancy they might otherwise not have been able to bring to term. The cost of using a gestational surrogate to help build your family, however, remains a big question mark for some, especially for those who are new to third-party reproduction.

In theory, this is all very exciting (and it should be!), but the actual cost of these processes can easily overwhelm future parents who don’t know which fees are required and what purpose each fee serves. This is entirely understandable -- third-party reproduction is still growing in popularity and discussions on cost aren’t as common as they are for other fertility procedures. Surrogacy America understands how daunting the process can seem when you’re just starting out, so we’ve helped detail surrogacy fees and costs below.

Please note: The total cost of the surrogacy process can vary. For example, experienced gestational surrogates can command higher compensation than first-time surrogates. Fees noted below reflect our best estimates so prospective parents can plan accordingly.

The surrogacy program fee: $19,900
Gestational surrogate compensation: Starting at $35,000
Trust account management fee: $1,000
Surrogate attorney fee: $1,000
Prospective parent attorney fee: $1,200
Surrogate psychological evaluation: $1,500

Additional fees for our surrogacy program can vary. For example, if a cesarean section is needed during delivery, then the prospective parents will be responsible for this $1,500 fee. Another example of an additional potential fee is if there are multiples or if bed rest is required for the surrogate per a doctor’s order.

Please visit this link for a full, detailed list of surrogacy fees and costs.

Making paying for surrogacy easier
Surrogacy America is dedicated to making family building affordable, which is why we offer a payment schedule that allows you to pay 50% of the surrogacy program fee when a match is made and the remaining 50% when the surrogate you have been matched with is approved by your physician.

If you have questions about the cost of surrogacy or if you are interested in learning more about the surrogacy process, please contact our case managers today.

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