How Honesty and Communication Work During a Surrogacy Agreement

Once a gestational surrogate is matched with prospective parents, a surrogacy agreement is made. Case managers from Surrogacy America are highly experienced in referring both parties to qualified attorneys who will ensure that everyone’s concerns are addressed and goals are in agreement prior to the start of the surrogacy process.

Our case managers have found that prospective parents and gestational surrogates alike need some legal assistance from time to time, as this experience is likely entirely new for both parties. We’d like to encourage those who may enter a surrogacy contract soon to review our advice on the importance of honest communication with a surrogate.

Honestly will always be the best policy.
How often do we refrain from sharing an opinion because we are concerned it will create conflict or that we may be considered blunt or rude? Coming to an agreement on a surrogacy contract is a crucial time to discuss concerns without worrying as much about perception. If you’re a gestational surrogate and you have strong feelings about who will be in the hospital room when you give birth, then you’ll need to vocalize this as early as possible so an agreement can be made. If you’re a future par ent and you’d like to attend specific doctor’s appointments with your surrogate, this will need to be discussed as well.

Every surrogacy contract is different because everyone’s expectations for their relationship with the other party is different. For example, some parents form a close relationship with their surrogate, regardless of how far away she may live. Others may be in contact less often, and others choose to not be in contact at all. The best way to determine the extent of your relationship during and after the surrogacy process is to communicate how you feel early on. This way, potential disappointments or misunderstandings are easily avoided and all parties are content with their contract.

If you have questions or concerns about how a surrogacy agreement is made, or if you’d like to learn more about the surrogacy process, please contact Surrogacy America.

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