Honor National Infertility Awareness Week with Surrogacy America

Surrogacy America is proud to honor couples and individuals who struggle with infertility all year round, but we are especially proud to highlight the importance of infertility treatment, care and support during National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW). Held April 23-29, 2017, NIAW is an important opportunity to spread awareness regarding infertility, and this year’s theme of “Listen Up!” is no exception.

How you can Listen Up!
Listen Up! refers to taking time to hear or read real stories from infertility patients. Infertility is an entirely case-by-case experience, and a lot of generalizations are made about the different ways people can become parents. Not every infertility journey ends with in vitro fertilization (IVF), a common misconception. Sometimes medications are used, surgery is involved or third-party reproduction (egg donor, sperm donor or a surrogate mother) is necessary in order to conceive.

Because one in eight couples struggle to conceive, it is possible that many of us know someone who has faced difficulties building a family without knowing it. Even with decades of medical advancements, favorable legal changes inclusive to modern family-building efforts and a society generally more open to these issues, many couples still face infertility quietly and on their own. Of course, how much you wish to share and who you choose to share it with is entirely your decision – your comfort and privacy come first. That being said, there are many avenues for support that infertility patients could be missing out on.

Support groups – Infertility support groups can be held online or in person. They can be male-only, female-only, or for couples. Support groups offer a unique opportunity to speak with and hear from others in your situation along the road to parenthood. Many former fertility patients report on the positive impact support groups had during moments of stress and concern during treatment.
Hear from real people – Personal infertility journeys come in every shape and form, and while it can feel especially lonely post-diagnosis, reading stories from other patients can go a long way toward making this process less painful.
Share your story – Sometimes, the most cathartic move an infertility patient can make is to tell their story. Again, how much you share is up to you, but putting your journey into words and sharing with others can be a significant form of stress relief.

Surrogacy America is proud to highlight the importance of NIAW and we hope you’ll share how you participated in this year’s NIAW with us on social media.

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