5 Questions to Ask Your Surrogacy Agency

Choosing a surrogacy agency can feel both momentous and perhaps even a bit overwhelming. After all, regardless of whether you are LGBT or have struggled with infertility, now that you’ve decided to use the help of a surrogate carrier to build your family, you’re probably all too ready to get started.

In order to ensure the best possible experience on your journey to parenthood, Surrogacy America has provided a list of the top five questions all prospective parents should ask their surrogacy agency before making a final decision on which agency to work with.

This is a very exciting time, so we hope these questions will not only help narrow your options, but start your agency relationship off on the right foot.

How are surrogates recruited?

In order to become a surrogate carrier with Surrogacy America, surrogates go through a comprehensive application and screening process. They are asked to meet our list of surrogate requirements on the initial surrogate application and, if accepted into the program, they then begin surrogate mother screening.

Surrogate mother screening can include medical and psychological testing, as well as screening of the surrogate’s partner. All of this is designed in order to make sure that each and every surrogate is fully qualified for the process and that her motivations for becoming a surrogate carrier are appropriate.

How is a surrogate chosen?

Prospective parents are assigned a Surrogacy America case manager who will assist you in choosing a surrogate carrier from our database. Once you choose a surrogate, your case manager will connect you with her for a conference call.

Do you assist in the legal processes?

Surrogacy America refers prospective parents to an attorney. Your attorney will draft your surrogacy contract and review this with you. The surrogate mother will have her own legal assistance during the surrogacy process.

Can I communicate with my surrogate during the process?

Yes, you can communicate with your surrogate carrier. In our experience, we have found that surrogates and prospective parents often form friendships that last beyond the surrogacy arrangement. It is up to each side in the agreement to decide how much contact you will have.

How will the surrogate carrier be compensated?

Surrogate compensation is determined on a case-by-case basis. A typical surrogate fee ranges from $40,000-$50,000, in addition to expenses. Surrogates that are experienced can receive higher compensation than first-time surrogates. At Surrogacy America, we realize that this can be an expensive process, which is why we hold all fees in a protected trust account.

If you are interested in the surrogacy process and have additional questions, please contact Surrogacy America.

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