How to Enjoy a Stress-free Surrogacy Journey (for Intended Parents)

Using a gestational surrogate to help build your family doesn't have to be an overwhelming or stressful experience. Whether you are an LGBT couple who has always known a surrogate will be needed or a couple who has struggled with infertility and now seeks assistance from a surrogate, the surrogacy experience is an exciting and emotional time for all parties. Gestational surrogates may have a variety of personal motives, but the one they all share is a sincere desire to help others. Future parents may take comfort in this fact – knowing that your surrogate wants you to have a baby as much as you do.

Many intended parents report feeling overwhelmed throughout their surrogacy journey. They worry about their relationship with their surrogate carrier, if they will be able to bond once their baby is born and if their expectations for the arrangement will be respected. These concerns are all common, as well as perfectly understandable. At Surrogacy America, our case managers work hard to ensure that the wishes of all involved parties are honored. We believe in fostering quality relationships between surrogate mothers and intended parents so as to satisfy all parties.

We know a healthy, stress-free surrogacy journey is your goal as a future parent, so here are some tips we’ve found for accomplishing this:

 **Ask all of your questions, and be honest about your expectations.**

For many intended parents, using a surrogate carrier to have a baby of their own might be their last chance at parenthood. This can cause anxiety – you may be so anxious for everything to go well and for your surrogate’s needs to be met that you bypass your own wishes. It’s important for future parents to be honest, especially during the beginning of a surrogacy arrangement when expectations are laid out and decisions are made. It’s also okay to disagree and work out compromises, but please do not ignore your own hopes in order to move the process along – it will not help in the long-term.

Utilize a support system of your own.

Your gestational surrogate will be encouraged to use a support group throughout her pregnancy, and intended parents are advised to do the same.  Support groups can be found in-person and online, and come in a wide variety of types: female only, male only, couples, public, private, etc. It’s up to you which type of support group works best, but do not underestimate how helpful they can be. Support groups offer an opportunity to express what’s on your mind and even to seek advice from others who are sharing the same experience.

Last, we encourage intended parents to contact Surrogacy America with their questions or concerns. Our team of experienced case managers is prepared to assist you during this time.

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