3 Reasons to Become a Surrogate Mother

Becoming a surrogate mother is an important decision, it takes a very special individual to realize that they are capable of helping a loving, deserving couple build their family. Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions out there about why women choose to become surrogate mothers, and many of them are built on the idea that surrogate mothers are only in the arrangement for compensation. Although surrogate mothers do receive compensation, it is certainly not the only, let alone the main reason why they decide to help others in need. Below are the top three reasons women choose to become a surrogate mother:

1.  Becoming a surrogate mother is empowering

Think about it: surrogate carriers forever change the lives of couples in a way they probably thought was not possible. There are a lot of reasons a couple may need a surrogate, including infertility issues or the fact that they are LGBT.  Whatever the reason, these couples need the help of a surrogate to have a child.  Knowing that you are capable of having such an important, long-lasting impact on a family is incredibly empowering.

2.  Surrogate mothers are empathetic and compassionate

One of the requirements of surrogacy is that you must have given birth to at least one child. Thus, because a surrogate knows what it means to be a parent, she is able to understand the frustration and sadness of a person who is unable to start a family. This natural empathy and compassion toward those in need of assistance in building their family goal is an essential part of being an excellent surrogate mother.

3.  Surrogacy is a lifelong point of pride

Surrogate mothers are an elite group of women whose generosity will forever change someone else’s life for the better. Some couples can spend years struggling to have a baby, but find they are unable to do so until a surrogate carrier offers to help. As a surrogate, you’ll know that because of your kindness, time and effort someone else was able to become a parent. The entire surrogacy experience is extremely fulfilling, so much so that some first-time surrogates eventually opt to become repeat surrogate mothers.

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