3 Benefits of Using a Surrogacy Agency on Your Journey to Parenthood

Now that you’ve decided to use the help of a surrogate carrier to build your family, you’re still faced with a multitude of decisions about how you and your partner will undergo the surrogacy process. Using a surrogate on your journey to parenthood can be an amazing, life-altering experience. Many former intended parents report forming strong friendships with their surrogate that last beyond the course of their arrangement together.

Even though future parents have the option of searching on their own, we strongly recommend that you take the time to consider the benefits and support an agency can offer during what can be an overwhelming time in your life.

Surrogacy America screens women prior to their becoming surrogates.

A substantial benefit to using an agency to assist you during the surrogacy process is that we screen women who have expressed an interest in surrogate motherhood. These women agree to undergo medical and psychological screenings in order to ensure that they are physically healthy and fully understand their role as a surrogate. We can also ask that the partner of the prospective surrogate undergo screening for STDs.

We have a large database.

A potential downside of searching for a surrogate carrier on your own is that you may have a difficult experience with the search process, and have trouble finding women who meet your individual criteria. At Surrogacy America, we have a database of surrogate mothers from which to choose. You and your partner will be able to search through our database and choose a surrogate carrier that you would like to work with. Our case managers will then help connect you together for a conference call.

Intended parents will receive referrals for legal advice.

The surrogacy agreement can be difficult to navigate if you are new to the process or unfamiliar with the terms. This can often be the most stressful part of the process for intended parents, particularly if they have concerns about their rights as parents. Surrogacy America will provide you with a referral to an attorney who can draft your surrogacy contract and review it with you. Surrogate carriers have their own independent legal representation for this same purpose.

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